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I look forward to giving you peace.

Good morning! This is Pastor Jinwoo Kim, the senior pastor serving the Central Church.

I bless you for visiting Mulgeum Central Church. Our church is a church belonging to the Busan district of the Christian Baptist Church that keeps the word-centered conservative faith, and we are moving forward with an emphasis solely on the ministry for life. God, the source of life who created humans, became human and chose death to give life to us who are bound to die because of sin, and was resurrected to be seen by believers. Our faith lies in our faith in Jesus Christ who did this. The path of death that all humans must go has turned into a path of resurrection for those who believe in him who is now life. God is opening this path to you today as well. To all who choose to walk this path, God's holy Spirit is given as a gift. I pray earnestly in the name of Jesus that you will also make this decision today. I would like to invite you to respond to this call at 10:30 on a Sunday morning. Don't be burdened, just come with a comfortable mind and comfortable clothes. I hope you experience the first meeting with Jesus that changes your life here.

If you have more questions about the Church, please call 055-367-0587.

I am so grateful and joyful to see you soon.

​Our mission

Doing only life-giving ministry

​Our vision

Let everyone in Jeungsan Station/Mulgeum-eup have access to the word of life of Jesus Christ.

Accept the life of Jesus Christ and do the same thing again as a member of the Church.

​Our purpose

Worshiping the only true and unique God and His Son, Jesus Christ, for our whole life.

Nurturing believers with uncompromising Bible truths and making them a person who can nurture others.

Preaching the Gospel through various channels to people who do not know the Gospel of Jesus

To glorify God through all our words and all our actions

​Mulgeum Central Church Confession of Faith

The Baptist denomination we belong to...

I. About the Bible

Mulgeum Central Church believes that the Bible was written by the hands of those chosen by God through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. The word written with the inspiration of the Holy Spirit means that God is its author, its ultimate purpose is man's salvation, and that there is no error in its content. There may be errors in the translation and interpretation, but there are no errors in the written text and content. It is true that the conflict between God's Word and scienceism has risen as the modern era has passed. However, archaeological finds further support biblical place names and historical facts. In addition, when it comes to the conflict between creationism and evolution, our church opposes many pan-pradox compromises that try to fit the Bible with evolution. The reason why we cannot accept God's Word as it is from Genesis 1 is that the faith of the church has already been absorbed into the worldview. We are in a position of Literalism that interprets God's Word based on common basic sentences and vocabulary relationships. If we say that God created the world on the 6th and rested on the 7th, then the 6th is not interpreted that way, whether it is 6000 years or countless hours. If six days is the premise that it is a Bible written so that ordinary people can read and understand it by God's inspiration, the most common understanding of it is that it refers to the time passed by six times a day for 24 hours. And the seventh day off means that one day, six days passed, and one day off on the last day of the week. The fact that Jesus died on the cross and was raised on the third day is not a spiritual death for us, a spiritual sacrifice for us, a new beginning, this interpretation, but from the understanding of the most basic text. It means that three days after death, he was raised to a new body.

Special attention is needed when it comes to eschatology. For example, since the numbers themselves are strongly given symbolic meanings, it is unclear whether the 24 elders are only referring to 24 actual elders or whether the 144,000 people of the tribe of Israel are speaking exactly 144,000. First of all, I take the position that it is the standard to interpret that way. However, due to the characteristics of the Apocalypse, it does not take the position that only this interpretation is correct.

We believe. That this Bible is a gift from God and a powerful message that revealed God to us. Therefore, I believe that the Bible is the ultimate criterion for human life and that all people will be judged by this Word of God. Even for those who do not know the message of the Bible, as in Romans 1, their actions and their conscience will be a witness to them in the light of God's proclaimed Word.

II. About God

Mulgeum Central Church believes that there is only one true God and that He is infinite, eternal, and personal spirit. The name he revealed to us is Jehovah. Heaven and earth were made through Jehovah God, he is holy, he deserves praise, and above all, he is a God of love, full of mercy, grace, and truth. This God exists in three persons and forms a different ministry and relationship with the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, but the three are the same God, in perfect harmony, and in a relationship of love that flows infinitely within the relationship of the three subdivisions. You are invited. These three subdivisions constitute perfect oneness. We believe that the relational nature of God is well revealed in this relationship of the Trinity, and that what made us human in a relational image is also in this shape of him.

IIi. On the fall of man

Mulgeum Central Church believes that humans were created without sin by God in the beginning, but chose sin with their own free will. In the aftermath of this choice, everyone is born with the nature of sin, and the pain, despair, hate, and death that have arisen as a result of sin are inevitable. Everyone sins and lives in sin. This sin blocks our relationship with the holy God, and all fundamental problems in human history can be found in sin. Because of this sin, humans will eventually be judged by the eternal and holy God. If he says he is good and sinless, he will prove himself before God. But when a person stands before the holiness of God, he will know that all his sins are revealed.

IV. On the way of salvation

Mulgeum Central Church believes that God has already given sinners a way to escape judgment. This is given to all by grace, utterly out of His loving nature. It was done on the cross in the obedience of the perfect sacrifice of Jesus, the Son of God. His Son was humbled and obeyed to death, but as God raised him up on the third day and seated him on the highest throne of heaven, this heavenly glory is freely given to all who believe in the love He showed on the cross and the value of his blood. I believe. All of this is recorded in the Bible, and this is the good news, the Gospel, for humans living as slaves to death. Anyone who relies on this Jesus is not condemned by God, but is accepted in their own arms.

V. On justification

Mulgeum Central Church believes in "justification" as a specific gospel blessing. "Justification" is a means of God's grace to acknowledge a sinner as righteous, that is, to accept humans back to him. Only the righteous can go to God, and only the righteous will have the kingdom of heaven. This justification contains the forgiveness of sins and the promise of eternal life, which is not accomplished through righteous acts of man, but through faith only through the shed blood of Jesus the Redeemer. This righteousness does not belong to us, but the righteousness of Jesus the Redeemer is inflicted upon us when we believe. God no longer regards those who believe in Jesus as sinners, but because he is clothed with the righteousness of Jesus, He calls him righteous and accepts him.

VI. Rebirth

Mulgeum Central Church expresses that salvation came from regeneration. Regeneration means being born again as Jesus said "Born Again". Regeneration is the supernatural God's work that occurs when a sinner realizes that he is a sinner with the help of the Holy Spirit and accepts the love of Heavenly Father through the cross of Jesus. Regeneration is possible only through the power of the Holy Spirit, and the life and attitude of a regenerate person can be seen as taking Jesus as his master and giving out his life fully in his value and in his image. In his life, the fruits of the Spirit, namely love and Joy, peace, long-suffering, mercy, kindness, sincerity, meekness, and temperance will appear. And above all, loving God with all his heart and spirit becomes his greatest value, and secondly, he loves those who are made in the image of God.

VII. About repentance and faith, and sanctification

Mulgeum Central Church believes that continuous repentance and continuous faith are the sacred duty of believers and a means of grace that the Holy Spirit continues to exercise on our hearts. Just as repentance and faith in regeneration, the work of the Holy Spirit, the contents of the Gospel through the Word, and the individual's determination, continue to admonish our mistakes and mistakes in the lives of believers, repent and restore them, and pray to God again. The Holy Spirit is in charge of the ministry to believe and depend on. There are times when our faith is strong, but even when doubts go down and we weaken, the Holy Spirit helps us and makes us realize, so we repent again with gratitude and obedience, rebuild our faith, and build up our faith. Through this kind of gratitude and obedience, as well as the repetition of avoiding sin and strengthening faith, the saints are transformed into the holy image that God predestined for. This is the path of "sanctification" that the saints should go. The image of the saints becoming sanctified is also a sign of salvation and the power of the Gospel.


VIII. About the Law

Mulgeum Central Church believes that the laws given to the Israelites through Moses are permanent and complemented according to the time, place, and stage of God's great work of salvation. Although the 613 laws belong to God's laws, we believe that God's laws are not limited to the law. For example, I believe that the Sacrament Law and the Sabbath Law belonged to the Law, and were not equally applicable to all times and places, but were prepared for the kingdom of Israel in the past that God intended to establish through the chosen people in the chosen land. On the other hand, I believe that there is a law that is greater and greater than the law that can be applied equally to all nations in all times and in all places and that must be kept through believers for the expansion of the gospel, and this was passed down in the New Testament era. It is the "law of Christ" mentioned by the apostle Paul. Now believers are circumcised and are not obligated to obey the Mosaic Law of the past. However, it is clear that the law also contains teachings that we must learn and follow in principle as well as a legal entity given for mankind from the divine nature of God. However, Jesus Himself teaches the saints who are saved and live according to the indwelling of the Holy Spirit what principles and ethics they should live according to in all circumstances.

ix. About the church  

Mulgeum Central Church believes that the visible Church of God is a local meeting of believers who have been baptized or baptized by faith. This society was built on a relationship based on the promise of faith and the gospel, and it governs itself with autonomy under the law of Christ. The biblical positions officially recognized by this society are pastors and deacons. New Testament pastors were also called bishops and elders by another name. They were primarily in charge of teaching the gospel and pastoring the church. The Baptist Church, which prioritizes the autonomy of the local church and pursues congregational politics, officially recognizes only the two names of pastors and deacons, as the names of bishops or elders are no longer necessary.

About X. baptism and the Lord's Supper

Mulgeum Central Church believes that Christian ceremonies through water are "baptism" in which water is completely immersed. This is the first step into the privilege of the relationship of the church, and this baptism signifies my symbolic participation in Jesus' death on the cross, burial and resurrection. This symbolic word does not mean that I simply remember and imitate it, but rather that I respond with faith to it and accept the change made by the Holy Spirit in my spirit as a fact. It is not salvation through baptism, but affirmation to oneself through baptism of the salvation received by grace through faith and publicizing it to the public. We believe that this baptism is only received by believers, and should be done at an age and intellectual state to judge for themselves. Everyone who admits to being a sinner and believes in Christ as Savior is entitled to this baptism.

XI. About keeping Sunday  

Mulgeum Central Church believes that Sunday is different from the concept of the Old Testament Sabbath. Following the tradition of the early church that held meetings on the first day after the Sabbath, the church celebrates the first day of the week, or Sunday, as a regular meeting day for worship. It is personal freedom to work and not to work on this day, but we encourage and recommend giving the day a whole day of worship. In order to keep Sunday more distinct, it is commonly referred to as holy day, not that the day itself is holy. It is a Christian principle that practically every day must be lived holy.

XII. About tithing

Mulgeum Central Church believes that there is no compulsory offering under the law. However, we believe that tithing is a healthy tradition followed by the church to ensure the minimum that the saints can provide for the operation and ministry of the church, following the Old Testament tradition. We can think of how difficult it would be to give to God without even the fact that the weak heart of man is tithing. Under the law of Christ, believers do not waste anything to give. However, we believe that what we give must be sensible, wise, and above all else. Therefore, the church or the clergy cannot compel the saints' offerings, but only encourage them to give freely with gratitude and joy based on the Word. It is natural that the church should also look after the saints with legitimacy and grace when financially difficult. At Mulgeum Central Church, tithing and all donations are governed by the rules of the church and its transparency is guaranteed.

XIII. About the end

Mulgeum Central Church believes that the sign of the end of the world is confirmed in the Word. There are many signs of the end times, such as the globalization of the Gospel, the great sharing of human information, the world unity, the transhumanism of humans, machines, and animals, and the systematic and deepening gender equality/liberty policy that destroys the holiness of the family. It is clearly distinct and becoming a reality. The wicked will become more and more evil, and the believers will become more and more isolated. We believe in the literal great tribulation, and we believe in the appearance of the Antichrist and his persecution as a fact. We believe in the Second Coming and Rapture of Jesus, and we believe in the literal millennial kingdom. We believe in the new heavens and new earth that God will accomplish, and we look forward to believing in God's overall plan to make everything new and sanctify everything.

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